More & More Women Keeping it Natural

A trend that started in the 1970s is slowly dying out with the younger generations. I'm of course talking about the cosmetic industry.

As Susan Bird - director at - noted:
"Natural breast enhancement methods are becoming increasingly popular. For starters, using natural methods is safer and less expensive. Who wants to undergo surgery and endure the possible complications and regular checkups and MRI’s associated with breast implants?" [Source]

This isn't just in the breast enhancement industry either. The overall beauty industry appears to be going through a revolution and it's a good thing. The new motto? Natural is best!

In fact, major studies have been done that prove men prefer real women. Women who are naturally beautiful. Not some silicone doll. It's quite refreshing. 

According to Wikipedia, self confidence might might have a lot to do with it as well. Either way, I'm happy about this new trend.